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Photo: Our portable sawmill operation at Ben Delatour Scout Ranch, 2013.
We are a complete and fully operating circular sawmill and woodworking operation located in northern Colorado. We use locally grown and locally harvested ponderosa pine and Douglas-fir. Our sawmill gives that unique and unmistakable look and feel that only a circular saw can.
One unique aspect to our company is our portable circular sawmill. Our sawmill can be set up in remote locations, where the logs are harvested close by and then processed on-site. Other companies use a more traditional method that involves harvesting logs and then transporting them to a distant sawmill.
By using the portable circular sawmill, we are more efficient. We haul tightly packed sawn products to market instead of shipping large loads, which leave a lot of wasted air space between the logs, to a processor. Improved manufacturing and transportation means we:
  • keep our prices low,
  • we remove heavy logging truck traffic from our highways, and
  • keep the environment cleaner with less pollution because we use less machinery, and we make fewer trips.
The portable sawmill operation works best where there is a large inventory logs to be removed. If you own land or manage property and are:
  • thinking about harvesting trees,
  • planning a forest thinning,
  • doing fire mitigation, or
  • working through your forest management plan,
then please call us today and let's see how our portable circular sawmill can help you!
Golden West Pine Mills' portable mill site in Red Feather Lakes, CO